Blueberry Wine called “Grandma’s Love Potion”

Origin of our Blueberry Wine

Our blueberry wine is a spin on a traditional wine recipe made in Finland.  The Finns fill a jug almost to the brim with wild whole blueberries, add sugar, and then just barely cover them with water.  They leave the closed jar in direct sunlight for several weeks to allow for fermentation via the natural yeasts on the blueberry skins.  The Finns call their blueberry wine “Lappish Hag’s Love Potion”.  We named our blueberry wine “Grandma’s Love Potion”.  “Hag” isn’t one of our favorite words!

Our Method

We use blueberries from a family-owned blueberry farm in Hammonton, New Jersey.  We don’t rely on the sun for fermentation as the Finns do.  Instead, we do a long, cold fermentation in bins, and then age it in steel tanks for 9-12 months before bottling.  For past vintages, we blended Grandma’s with a small amount of barrel-aged Chambourcin to add some complexity.  The current vintage is 100% blueberry.  This unique blueberry wine is available in 500ml port bottles that accentuate its “love potion” character.

At 5.6% residual sugar, and balanced by a pleasant acidity, our blueberry wine is not cloying.  We recommend you serve it chilled.  Grandma’s Love Potion is perfectly paired with cheesecake or ice cream, and with game meats or pork.  Naturally occurring, subtle flavors of cinnamon and cloves intertwine and give the wine a warming spiciness.  The flavor is reminiscent of Glühwein, a German-style mulled wine.  So naturally, during the Holidays, serve Grandma’s warmed with cinnamon sticks and whole cloves for a wonderful treat.  It will fill your house with the aroma of good cheer.

Grandpa Makes an Appearance

In September 2017, we released a stronger complement called “Grandpa’s Fantasy ‘.  Grandpa is a potent partner to our popular Grandma’s Love Potion.  Grandpa has the same great blueberry wine flavor and has been fortified to 18% alcohol.

Grandma and Grandpa are unique couple that make novel Christmas gifts for wine lovers you may know or those you would like to convert.

Need to buy some bottles, but don’t have time to visit our tasting room? Click here to buy them online and have them shipped!


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