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White Wine

Traminette Dry (2014) – Tart apple flavor and spicy finish.  $18/Bottle, $7/Glass.  750ml bottle.

Traminette Semi-Sweet (2015) – Rosewater aroma, apple flavor and spicy finish.  $18/Bottle, $7/Glass.  750ml bottle.


Red Wine – Dry and barrel-aged at least 18 months

Cabernet Franc (2012) – Barrel-aged 3.5 years.  Fruity up front, medium bodied and a smooth tannin finish.  $23/Bottle, $8/Glass.  750ml bottle.

Dutchman’s Creek Blend (Vintage Blend) – A blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot & Tannat.  Vintage years are 2011, 2012 & 2013.  $30/Bottle, $9/Glass.  Released 7 May 2016.  750ml bottle.

Petit Verdot (2014) – Rich color and flavor.  Barrel-aged 18 months.  $32/Bottle, $10/Glass.  750ml bottle.

Tannat (2012) – $40/Bottle, $10/Glass.

Tranquility (2012) – $35/Bottle, $10/Glass.  50% Cabernet Sauvignon & 50% Tannat.  Unfiltered.  750ml bottle.

Merlot Reserve (2009) – Barrel-aged 5.5 years.  $45/Bottle (unavailable by the Glass).  750ml bottle.


Fruit Wine

Persephone’s Punch – Pomegranate & barrel-aged Chambourcin blend.  Off-Dry.  Mineral finish.  $25/Bottle, $8/Glass.  750ml bottle.

Blackberry – $29/Bottle, $9/Glass.  Full of the flavor of fresh Summer blackberries.  750ml bottle.

Vitis Rubus – $25/Bottle, $8/Glass.  Red raspberry and barrel-aged Chambourcin blended.  Aromatic, with a bright dry raspberry flavor up front and light oak finish.  1.5% res. sugar, 750ml bottle, Released August 2015.

Sweet Cherry – $17/Bottle, $7/Glass.  Just cherries!  Intense flavor.  Sweet at the front and tart on the finish.  Made from Montmorency pie cherries.  Enjoy it by itself or with desserts; especially delicious with dark chocolate, almond cookies, or coconut pastries.  A unique treat.  Semi-sweet.  750ml bottle.

Grandma’s Love Potion – $24/Bottle, $8/Glass.  Blueberry wine.  A balance of sweet and tart.  5.6% res. sugar.  500ml bottle.






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